Foothills Orienteering
Skills and Training Pages


These pages are always under construction. Currently, they contain information about orienteering training such as a refresher on basic orienteering event rules and a Route Choice distance exercise that allows you to compare lengths of route choices from a training exercise in the Lakeview neighbourhood.

There is also an introduction to GPS-enabled orienteering focused on the GPS Orienteering app as well as how to upload courses for use in the MapRun app and how to georerefence orienteering maps.

Tip: you can print out an explanation of control descriptions and a map legend from the Maprunner website. Note that Sprint Orienteering maps (e.g. the University of Calgary map) use a slightly different standard and contain a few more symbols and colours such as areas that are forbidden to enter/cross (see the Sprint-map legend from Maprunner). 

All About Orienteering - one page quick start guide created by Charlotte with FWOC logo.pdf